We develop long-term business relationships with every customer, and make sure each one is served on the highest levels.

If you are a producer of waste, need a recycling expert at your side, ALA Recycling Industries is your recycling solution. We specialize in providing our customers with sturdy gaylord boxes to maximize storage space, and maximize revenue for everything you recycle!







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We've got what you need!

We carry high-quality, new and used, rectangular and octagonal Gaylord Boxes in all sizes. You'll find a variety of boxes from double wall to sturdy five wall boxes that can hold weight capacities over 3,500 pounds.

Located in multiple cities across the country, you can count on ALA Recycling to deliver Gaylords with the quality, variety, shape and strength you need, all at competitive prices. Contact ALA Recycling at 617-332-3280 or alagroup@alarecycling.com


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