Use Recycled Materials, Save Money, Change the World

Global warming, hazardous waste, rain forest loss, endangered species, acid rain, and the deterioration of the ozone layer – they seem like situations out of our control. The news will scare you into thinking that these are things that we we cannot change at this point. But together, collectively, we can make a difference. Something…

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ALA Recycling – The Real Deal

ALA Recycling is the forefront of recycling industry ingenuity. We put that to work for you every day, in every shipment. When we partner with you we understand your current waste and recycling status, and we take the time to understand your exact requirements in our gaylord boxes. We recommend box options to optimize your yield for…

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Do you create waste in your operation?

Companies often produce recycling waste in their operations. Many companies create non-reusable material and lost profits due to a number of factors. Waste Paper, Scrap Plastic, Cardboard, Textile Waste, and discarded packaging materials also generate costly disposal fees. By using heavy duty gaylord boxes for your waste storage, you can maximize your warehouse space, and…

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Benefits in Using Gaylord Boxes for Businesses

Benefits in Using Gaylord Boxes for Businesses If you’re a business owner  that focuses on organizing and shipping a variety of products, using Gaylord boxes can be are very beneficial. A Gaylord box has several layers of cardboard can hold between 1,000 to 2,500 lbs of product inside. Here are a few benefits when you use Gaylord boxes for…

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Gingerbread House Gaylord Box


ALA Recycling would like to send a HUGE thank you to Westford Preschool for allowing us to be part of this year’s holiday project! Led by their excellent teachers Mrs. Buliszak, Mrs. Kinnunen, and Mrs. Harding – the students were able to turn one of our Gaylord Boxes into a beautiful life-sized Gingerbread House! We can’t…

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Gaylord Boxes Thanksgiving Care Package

This thanksgiving are you trying to come up with ways to show you are thankful? Maybe you thought it would be nice to send a care package to those in need. Well with New or Used Gaylord boxes you can put together some great packages with a creative twist. Check out our latest facebook post….

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